Fiji had been on my bucket list for some time, and finally the  time came. Beijing is much closer to this island country than Europe. My suitcase was packed. I had decided to stay in  a small island resort  to start my trip, and  I would visit other islands from there. It took me a lot of time and efforts to find a suitable resort – there are so many resorts and islands in Fiji!  My final choice was a Navutu Stars Resort. And it was the right Choice!

A Navutu Stars is a boutique resort and a tiny jewel on a  Yaqueta Island, a small island which was discovered only around 130 years ago. I was looking for a remote and peaceful spot and I found it!

A view from a bure from a Navutu Stars resort

A view from a bure

It is a tiny adults-only resort  with only  10 bures.  It is very popular among honeymooners and other adults. I was travelling  alone and spent 5 solo happy days there. At the beginning  we were only 5 guests at the Navutu Stars resort! It is a peaceful  resort without the usual noise of civilization: just the splashing ocean waves and singing birds.

An  exeptional feature of this place is its staff! Jeremy, the general manager, and his team create a family atmosphere. Just imagine yourself living in a place where you have your breakfast on a cozy terrace facing an ocean,  with  two men playing guitars and singing Fijian songs, and the waiters singing as well… Everywhere  in the resor, the staff greet you by your name and “Bula”, which is Fijian for “Hello”.

A beachfront bure in Navutu Stars Resort

A beachfront bure

Bures in Navutu Stars Resort

Bures are comfortable, spacious, traditional  houses with all amenities and very comfortable beds. They are set a nice distance apart, which  gives you a lot of privacy. There is no TV in the room, which I found very refreshing –  it is quite amusing to live just with a radio, listening to Fijian music and news.  It helps you to  clear your mind. Nevertheless, WiFi works well. The bure was very clean, well protected from mosquitos, and had a small book-shelf for avid readers. It had  a nicely-covered terrace with a huge sofa, where you can read or just watch the ocean and loose yourself in nature.

Dining in Navutu Stars Resort

A tasty continental breakfast was included – with muffins you usually take to your bure for your afternoon tea:) You can have a half-board or full-board option, I like to be able to choose, so I opted for a-la-carte.The cuisine is Italian-Fijian fusion and the food is very fresh, delicious, with generous portions. I ate a lot of fresh seafood. Fijian ceviche in coconut milk is so tasty! Smoothies and fresh juices are just perfect. Service is impeccable and sincerely warm.

In a Fijian village near Navutu Stars Resort

In a Fijian village

Activities in the resort

I visited Fiji during the rainy season, so it rained from time to time, which I didn’t mind because it wasn’t too hot. Nevertheless, the resort had a lot of activities to offer. I went for or a swim in Sawa-I-Lau limestone caves, fed fish and snorkeled in Moonlight Lagoon, visited a local village and school, and some islands in the vicinity. You can  learn some Fijian in the resort, go kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, fishing or just go for long walks along the beaches.

Ava drinking ceremony at Navutu Stars Resort

Kava drinking ceremony

Kava drinking ceremony is also organized once or twice a week. This ceremony is very important to Fijians: kava is a drink  made out of indigenous pepper plant root. No important event in the life of Fijians can happen without this drink. Frankly, I did not really enjoy the taste, but I appreciated the atmosphere.

Pleasures of a Spa

I really enjoy massages and in Navutu Stars I tried lomilomi, Navutu’s signature massages, a scrub with fresh coconut. The massage therapists are real professionals and they use a local organic coconut oil.

I have been to many resorts during my life, but I spent some best days  in Navutu Stars Resort. Other travelers I met felt the same. On the boat, after a nostalgic singing farewell ceremony on the beach, an Australian guy whispered: ” Does anyone else feel like crying? And somehow I felt that I could not strike Fiji from my bucket list, and not Navutu Stars Resort. I will try to return.

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