1. When traveling, always keep a copy of your passport – a paper copy and a digital one somewhere in your email. If you loose you passport – you will be able to find a copy even from an internet caffe. I know quite a few of people who managed to save a lot of time and energy following this advice.


2.┬áNever keep your money in one wallet or one pocket – imagine you loose all at once! Divide and keep them in several places.

3. Leave early for the airport – especially in the city you do not know well. Obstacles might appear at any time and you might miss your flight. Trust me – I never was late for a flight because of a late arrival.


4. Stop buying souvenirs for yourself or your friends – bring something practical or consumable. Your friends will be much more grateful.

5. Always find out in advance how to get from the airport/ station to your hotel or your meeting place and how much it should cost. Do not let local “friendly drivers” to fool you.


6. Traveling solo? Be sure that someone close to you has your itinerary. If something goes wrong, he/she will be able to start looking for you. It might even save your life!

7. Do not stand out in your travels! No flashy clothes, leave jewelry at home, do not carry huge amounts of cash. If you have a credit card, in many places you do not need cash at all.


8. Do not look scared even if you are. Scared people are an easy target. Act in a confident way, “listen to your guts”. If the place feels dangerous, leave immediately.

9. Do not plan too much. It is impossible to see everything in a city in two days. Discovering does not mean running all the time. Try to sit in a square and just observe locals. It reveals a lot.


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