After having visited 118 countries,   I ‘ve  tried out lots of different travel websites, gear, clothes and resources. I’ve spent many hours each week trying to figure out how to travel paying less and better. This is my collection of the best travel resources when it comes to transportation, accommodations, gear, tools and more. All  listed* here are products that I have personally used and can recommend to others. Have a look! I know how difficult it is to choose from such a variety. I’ve made my choice. I travel a lot, so I need really goo travel companions and select them carefully. I like trying new products,  so I change my companions from time to time:) 

*Travel World Notes contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for reading!


I choose  Skyscanner for“everywhere” as a destination option – when trying to decide where to go next.

Perfect when you want to see where you can fly for cheap and when!


I find that Agoda most often has the best rates for booking hotels. They have the best selection and almost always have the lowest rates in Asia. is an easy, great search engine to use. Great selection of hotels, usually very low prices, and no fee.


This is a very important product. If there’s no safe in your lodging, put your belongings in here and lock it to the pipes in your room.

Packing cubes are very useful as they let you pack more efficiently, fit in more than you thought you could, and to unpack more easily.

One more  important safety item. A loud sound brings attention. If you’re lost or isolated, if you’re endangered, using your alarm will alert people to your location.

One more  important safety item. A loud sound brings attention. If you’re lost or isolated, if you’re endangered, using your alarm will alert people to your location.

I use it to avoid problems in airports – always know how much you suitcase weights.

Almost everyone uses some medication or vitamins. It is irritating to spill them in a backpack… This pill organizer suits me well, is practical and handy.

The roll bag which helps to organize your jewelry. I do not carry many necklaces or rings when traveling for pleasure, but when I travel for work it helps to organize my jewelry well. It also saves place as it is a roll bag.

When I put those earphones on – I gain my world back – no irritating announcements, no snoring neighbors or crying kids. Just your music or your audiobook and you. I have tried many earphones, so far Bose I liked the best.

You will love it as much as Io. I take it to my travels our outdoors. Nothing complicated- just fill, press and drink! And ou always have water safe to drink.

If I know that I go to the places where I can get clean water, I take this bottle. It is collapsible, doesn’t take a lot of space and I never spilled water while carrying it my backpack. And I drink a LOT of water!

My find got if first. I’ve tried it and now it is with me – I use it in a bus, a train or in the aircraft. My legs get much better rest with it. And again –  it does not take a lot of space.

It is the most comfortable pillow I have found. Tried many. My neck feels much better than in many others I have tried.


Lonely Planet makes my favorite travel guides. I no longer buy the books, instead, I buy their PDFs, save them to my Dropbox, then open them in iBooks on my iPad. You can also buy single chapters from most of them, which is convenient if you’re only visiting one city.


SanDisk builds quality memory cards. I recommend getting at least two or three, just in case something happens to one of them.


If you don’t have a Paperwhite, you need to get one! It’s so much better than the basic Kindle, with a nice weight, smooth material, and a touch screen.

Hard drives can fail and laptops can be stolen. Keep important documents  backed up on Dropbox, including copies of your passport and credit cards.


It took some time to find a reliable host for my blog, but now I am happy with my SiteGround. When I had some issues with my blog the assistance was very quick and professional.

When I moved to China, VPN made my previous life possible – with it I started using hotmail, gmail,Facebook, etc again. Many people use it when they want to protect their anonymity.