Beaches Near Beijing

  Beijing is not near the ocean, but to get to the beaches from the capital for a weekend is not too difficult. Beijingers get there...
In the Teahouse shop

Visit a Teahouse in Beijing

  China, like Japan and Nepal, has a tradition of teahouses. Teahouses are venues where you not only drink tea, but you can also re...
The Tower

Off the Beaten Path in Beijing

Beijing is much more than the Forbidden City the Great Wall. It offers a lot of well-hidden spots to have a look at if you decide to turn of...

A Flavor of The Hutong in Beijing

What do ears and dumplings have in common? How spicy is Sichuan cooking? Is it difficult to prepare Gongbao spicy chicken? The Hutong in Bei...

The Forbidden City in Beijing

Every tourist visits the Forbidden City in Beijing. This is one of the most interesting sites in the Chinese capital.It was inscribed on the...
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