I took Sichuan airlines flight from Chengdu to Hangzhou in China for the first time. The aircraft Airbus 321 looked quite old, but clean, a seat was rather comfortable. This time I was lucky to sit in the first (business) class.

A boarding area was quite spacious, I have arrived quite late, but could enter as a priority passenger.
The flight took a bit longer than two and a half hours, so they served  Chinese snacks mostly, including candies:) The pillows and blanquettes were relatively clean. A selection of drinks was not rich, but they served Chinese wine as well, not only soft drinks.

The flight itself was very bumpy, I guess because of a strong wind. So I had my security belt on during the entire flight.

Service in Sichuan Airlines

The best part of the trip, surprisingly, was the service! The female flight attendant was attentive to an every detail, continuously serving cups of Oolong tea that I have chosen from the meniu provided. She took my coat without an additional request and returned it after we’ve landed. My neighbor was sound asleep, so she even adjusted his seat before landing without wakening him up.

The only problem I could think of was the smell of cigarettes after taking off. I was not sure if it came from someone who have smoked a pack of cigarettes before boarding the flight or from a pilot cabin, but after some time this smell disappeared.

How would I rate it?

All in all I would rate this flight 4 pandas out of 5 and  I would take Sichuan airlines again.