Singapore Changi airport is my favorite in Asia. I think many travelers would say that. It is very comfortable, beautiful, just a pleasure to arrive, depart or transit.

This time a transit lounge receptionist directed me (with my Lufthansa Gold card ) to a SATS Premier Lounge near  the Transit C Lounge in Terminal 3. You just go up one floor by escalator and you’ll immediately see the lounge.

I had  around 4 hours until my Air China Star Alliance flight back to Beijing, so I decided to I have a look. I  was curious about the meaning of  “SATS”. A receptionist willingly  explained  that ” it is just a local Singaporean name” .

A sitting area of a SATS Premier Lounge in Singapore Airport

One of the three sitting areas of the SATS Premier Lounge

SATS Premier Lounge is  quite spacious.  I entered it at 4.00 a.m. so it was almost empty. Apparently it is the only lounge in the airport that is open 24 hours. At least that’s what  I was told. There are 3 seating areas. Some chairs similar to ones used for a massage,  were occupied by peacefully sleeping passengers.

FOOD in SATS Premier Lounge

Even at such an early hour, food was still available in the lounge,  including  hot curries, salads, fruits, snacks. The food was quite tasty and looked fresh. The bar had a small collection of free-pour alcohol,  but the main drinks were there. There was quite a decent selection of soft drinks.

There was a rack of newspapers and large-screen TVs. The lounge has free WiFi.

It is worth mentioning that no announcements are made, so you must follow the TV screens for information on  boarding or gate changes.

The lounge has showers, and towels have to be taken from the reception. There are  amenities in the shower, and a hairdryer is also provided.

Finally, I have noticed a very peculiar feature of this lounge. There is no female bathroom,  only male!  Women have to use bathrooms of showers… To my question – what if all the showers are occupied a confused receptionist replied – ” then women need to go outside the lounge”. I have spotted a lady in the corridor desperately trying to identify a female bathroom among the showers…