A window of Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott hotel

A window in the hotel

Hong Kong is a hub where many passengers change flights for Asia Pacific destinations. Sometimes you need to stay overnight, so you need to know which hotels are near the airport. The Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott hotel is nestled on the very edge of Landau Island, a two-minute walk from Asia World-Expo and about a 5-minute drive from the Hong Kong Airport.
On my way to Fiji, I decided to stay overnight at this airport hotel. My flight from Beijing to Hong Kong was supposed to arrive at around 1.30 a.m. I knew it was too late for the hotel shuttle bus, so I decided to take a taxi, as walking late at night, even in Hong Kong, is not an appealing option.
I arrived at Beijing Capital airport quite early and to my surprise, Cathay Pacific advised me that my flight would be delayed, but I had the option of checking in for an earlier flight, which would be leaving in about 40 minutes.

Luckily, it was at Terminal 2, which was much easier to get to, so I arrived in Hong Kong at around 11.00 p.m. when complimentary shuttle buses were still available. They operate from 05.00 a.m. until 00.50 a.m.

When arriving at the airport, you need to follow directions for the hotel shuttle buses. At a certain point, the directions become complicated, and you need to follow the instructions for coaches that go to the mainland.

Make sure you find the correct bus stops. At the time of my trip, bus stops 29 and 30 were for shuttles to the hotels.
The buses have signs and logos that identify the hotels, so they are easily recognizable.
The Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel is indeed very close to the airport. The trip is only about 5 minutes, and coaches leave every 20 minutes.
The check-in at the hotel was painless; I was the only late passenger from the shuttle. After checking in, I took an elevator and walked quite a long corridor to my room.

The rooms in the SkyCity Marriott hotel

The rooms face the airport (which mine did), sea or island. They are rather spacious, clean and offer good WiFi. The beds are comfortable, and all amenities that are common for the Marriott group are there.

The hotel is almost in the airport, but the windows seem to be soundproof, as it is not noisy, even if your room overlooks the airport.

Other facilities

The hotel has a nice indoor heated swimming pool, a gym and an award-winning Quan spa.


I know the  Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott hotel has several bars and restaurants, but on this trip I didn’t have time to try any of them, and chose to have a longer morning sleep before the long flight to Fiji.

The location of the Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel

It takes about half an hour by train to get to downtown Hong Kong. There is a shuttle bus to Hong Kong Disneyland in the morning and in the evening, so if you have more than one night to spend, you will have a choice of what to do during your layover.

My tip: book well in advance, as it is a busy hotel and prices can skyrocket if you wait until the last minute.

Address of the hotel: 1 Sky City Road East, Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau. Tel: +852 3969 1888