Ulan Bator is the busy capital of Mongolia. Many cars flood narrow streets, and traffic jams can be horrible here. When in Ulan Bator I usually stay in Best Western Tuushin Hotel. This hotel is right in the center of the city, facing Sukhbaatar Square (previously known as Chinggis Khaan square), surrounded by the house of the Government Palace, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other official buildings.

The hotel was especially nice with its previous general manager, who liked to personally greet guests. Now things have changed.  It became colder and less friendly. The reception staff speaks good English, which is quite helpful.

Breakfast in the Best Western hotel

The breakfast restaurant was moved to the third floor. The buffet has a good selection of European dishes, you can order the eggs the way you like. You can also order double espresso, but for an additional fee. Last time the cook surprised me with her good knowledge of English.

Rooms are comfortable and clean. Nevertheless, on my last visit I had a funny accident. A very loud noise woke me around 4 a.m. Because of a very loud noise. It sounded like someone had parked a huge tractor outside my window. After some time I remembered that my room was on 18 floor, and then I realized that noise came from inside the room. After some searching  I discovered that it came from the mini-bar refrigerator! I called reception, and  they came running. The fridge was switched off, but I was too awake to go back to sleep again… The next day my fridge was changed.

The lounge restaurant on the top floor has quite a good selection of Mongolian and Western food, so if you’re hungry, you do not need to go far away to have your dinner. There is a spa on the second floor of the hotel, which has some really nice products with lavender or lemon grass oil.

The main problem with this hotel is its two elevators – slow and busy. If the hotel hosts an official delegation, be prepared for a wait long for an elevator.

My tip for the hotel – If you have a busy agenda, go for lower floors to avoid elevators. If you’re not in a hurry – opt for higher floors for a better view.

The  address:  Prime Minister Amar’s street 15, Ulaanbaatar 14200, Mongolia
Phone: +976 (11) 323162
Fax: +976 (11) 325903
E-mail: ​info@bestwesternmongolia.mn