We were going to Seoul from Beijing, China. At a Korean Air check-in counter we asked if the flight was full and if it was possible to get a window seat. The lady answered politely: ” Yes, it is full. But you will be flying business class with economy class service”.

Well, we weren’t told what it was all about, but that okay. It’s a short flight, only about 1 hour and 40 min.

When we entered the Korean Air aircraft we saw that our seats where in business class cubicles. The plane was a huge  Boeing 777-300ER , which is usual for a long-haul flight. Economy class was completely full. We had no idea why we were upgraded – we arrived to the airport quite early. The only reason I could think of , this time I forgot to register on line. Maybe everyone else did, and there were no economy class seats left?

Inside the aircraft of Korean Air

Anyway,  the business class seat was very comfortable and very private. There was a good selection of movies – even for a short flight! When the Korean air attendants started distributing meals, we were also served a business class lunch – no option to choose, however, beef with rice, a small Korean salad and fruits was quite nice 🙂

Business class was not full – although  it had many seats. The flight attendants worked professionally and did not distract us too much. They brought the Korean entry forms to fill in on time, were attentive and polite.

The flight was very pleasant and, I would say, too short. It seemed as if we’d landed in the blink of an eye. I always liked Korean Air, a member of  Sky Team Alliance. This time I was grateful to them for a pleasant surprise.

My tip for those arriving at Seoul airport:  If you plan to take a taxi from the airport, do not take the first stand you see. You can get cheaper fares, so go ahead and compare prices.