Every trip starts with a ticket; a ticket for a train, a bus or a plane. When planning my trip to Fiji from Beijing, I started looking for a ticket several months in advance. After a lot of research, I decided to give Fiji Airways a try. I had never flown with Fiji Airways, so I read many reviews by those who had flown with them. The reviews were mixed, so I decided that I would try Fiji Airways for myself.
I took the Fiji Airways flight from Hong Kong and returned via Singapore. I had to spend a night in Hong Kong, but with this I managed to get an affordable business class ticket – I was trying to avoid economy on a 10-hour flight.

This airline did not belong to any big alliance, so it meant I was losing some miles, but the difference in the price was quite significant. They had a codeshare agreement with Qantas and American Airlines.
Boarding at Hong Kong airport was rather smooth and quick.
The aircraft, an Airbus 330-200, was not new, but clean and well looked after. The cabin decor had nice black and white colors. The seat was quite comfortable, and the blanket and pillow were clean and comfortable. The seat converted into a semi-flat (8 degrees) bed. A mattress was also provided.


A pleasant fabric amenity kit was provided, which contained a moisturizing Fijian body lotion, earplugs, a facial mist, eye mask and stockings. You can find a pair of slippers in a pocket in front of you.

Meals and beverages on Fiji Airways

During the 10-hour flight, we were served hot food twice. We could choose between Fijian and Chinese options and a vegetarian meal. I chose the vegetarian option – pasta with spinach, it was delicious. The salad was crispy and the dressing was in a small container, so you can add an amount to your liking. There were three options for desert – a piece of cake, a plate of fruit, and a selection of cheese.
I had pancakes for breakfast. They were quite tasty. Other options were an omelet or fried vegetables. Additionally, you could choose a porridge and Danish pastry with jam and butter. A small portion of fruit was also included.
French champagne and wine (French or Australian) were served. The selection was not very big, but decent. You could get whiskey, gin or some other strong alcohol  as well. The usual soft drinks were available, with a signature punch.


There was a selection of about 30 movies, new and old ones, a number of TV shows, some games, a couple of documentaries about Fiji.

Service on Fiji Airways

The crew was amiable and caring. Announcements were made only in English, so they were not too long, nor intrusive. An enthusiastic “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls” made everyone smile. Flight attendants were continually cleaning toilets and collecting trash, so the cabin was clean and well-maintained. They had a good sense of humor, acted professionally, and stayed almost invisible, yet efficient during the night.
It is well known that it is not easy for a small country to own an airline. Fiji manages to do this, and it helps to boost tourism to the island. Fiji Airways is not perfect, but they are quite good. A remarkable feature of this airline is that it sincerely cares about its passengers. I will fly with them again.