China is rich not only in its food, cultural and natural heritage, but also in its minorities. Guizhou province could be a good example of it. Many  out of 8 millions  of Miao ethnic minority people live in the villages of this province.  Guizhou is famous because of its agriculture and tourism possibilities, not only because of its tea. It was so enlightening to meet Miao people. We were told that their history could easily compete with the one of Han’s/Chinese.


Miao people  have their own spoken language, but they  do not have a written language to record it. They are telling the history of their tribe through their national costumes. Miao ethnic minority people have more than 130 sorts of  them! They preserve traditions and live in nice villages scattered  primarily in Guizhou.

Festivals of Miao Ethnic Minority People

The New Year Festival is very important for Miao. Therefore I highly recommend to visit the villages during Chinese New Year. It symbolizes the beginning of something new and fruitful for them. You can enjoy horse racing, bullfights. Visitors like to take a lot of nice photos with Miao ethnic minority people dressed in their national costumes.

Guests coming from far-away countries are greeted with a special horn spirit drink. Be careful with it, as you can end up consuming big quantities of alcohol. Therefore it is a good idea to be vigilant and try not to drink everything you are offered:)

Locals celebrate the Lusheng Festival in February or March (depends on a Lunar calendar) in Kaili area of the same province. Lusheng is a bamboo musical instrument. It is also an immensely popular Festival of Miao minority people. They also celebrate it in Yunnan and Sichuan provinces.

Finally while visiting Miao, you can buy a lot of their colourful handicrafts. I have several beautiful Miao bracelets at home.

If you travel in China, go and meet Miao!