I did not notice how fast my three years in Beijing have passed. It was my choice to come to this important capital of the second economy of the world. I wanted to experience what it means to live and work in Asia. I have wandered extensively through this continent, but never had a chance to live in any Asian country for longer than two weeks. So I came to work as a freelancer based in Beijing.

I had no culture shock in Beijing, but had many surprises. I will write about them as well, as I need to give you some hints how to find your way about in this huge and never sleeping city.

Why I decided to start my blog?

I like writing, sharing and communicating with people. The blog will be about my passion to travel, about my every day joys, discoveries and disappointments, some practical hints and advice. About my mistakes – to let you to avoid making them.
I have  traveled to more than 118 countries in the world, but I am sure that my best journey is still ahead. I am not a native English language speaker. I speak several languages, but I’ve chosen to write in English as this is the most international language in the world and I can reach more people using it.

My blog starts with Chinese New Year of  the Rooster, so – a Happy New Year to all of us!

Yours, Ani