Every tourist visits the Forbidden City in Beijing. This is one of the most interesting sites in the Chinese capital.It was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. There are crowds of local Chinese tourists visiting it everyday. The easiest way to get tickets is to find a local agency or a guide. Otherwise there is a possibility to buy tickets online, but the website is only in Chinese. So you will need to get some local assistance to purchase them.

The are new parts of the Forbidden City that were open just recently after the renovation, so you need to be persistent to find them as they are amazing to see. Moreover the shop of this museum has high quality goods, as well as beautiful copies of exhibits. I would advise you to have a close look at them as it is one of the best places in China to shop for quality souvenirs.

Please keep in mind, this museum is huge, so you will need to read and prepare before entering it on your own as information in English is limited, and it is not easy to get a knowledgeable guide either, so before booking seek advice or comments on TripAdvisor and other sites.
The roofs of the Forbidden City are impressive as well.

When to visit the Forbidden City?

The Forbidden City is open 8.30 – 4.30 everyday except Mondays. Please try to avoid Chinese holiday or children’s school holidays. The best season to visit is November- March 31, the museum is less crowded.

Some practical tips

Take your own water, put on comfortable shoes as you will be walking and climbing a lot. Reserve minimum 2-3 hours. I have visited this place many times, it is difficult to enjoy in a windy weather as it becomes freezingly cold. If you come to Beijing, this museum is a must to visit.