Today I decided to order some flowers from flower delivery. Roses. Just for home decoration. It is winter, dark around, therefore I want some flowers. There are quite a few flower delivery companies in Beijing with websites in English. I selected one with reasonable prices. They promised same day delivery, it was 3 p.m. I payed  via PayPal and waited for the flowers.

Adventures start…

Suddenly my mobile rings – a man starts speaking to me in Chinese. It takes time until he gets that it will not work. Bye-bye,  he hangs up the telephone. After about half an hour  the phone rings again – “Do you have Chinese friend?” It took an hour for me patiently explain my address in Beijing. Further I sent directions via WeChat  in Chinese. Two more calls, two more people, neither can speak  English, a girl tries to speak using a dictionary… It is funny, but does not help much.

Finally she promises that the boss will call.  I have no idea what the  problem is – they have my address and flowers. A women calls, “Do you want flowers?”  Yes,  I’ve been waiting for some hours already. She promises it will arrive in  two hours.

Now 10.45 p.m. No flowers yet?

11.15p.m. they arrived!

My conclusion – find a Chinese speaking friend to help with ordering flowers. It is good that it wasn’t a gift to someone…

P.S. Now after some time in Beijing I have a flower company that delivers flowers to me every Monday. It works well.