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A sea plane of Turtle Airways

When Turtles Fly

Fiji is a country of islands, so when you want to go from one island to another, you need to take a boat or a seaplane. I tried both on ...

My First Flight with Fiji Airways

Every trip starts with a ticket; a ticket for a train, a bus or a plane. When planning my trip to Fiji from Beijing, I started looking for a...

My Adventures with Mongolian Airlines

Mongolia is a huge land-locked country with a small population and very harsh weather conditions.  Going there, you have to always be ready...

A Nice Surprise from Korean Air

We were going to Seoul from Beijing, China. At a Korean Air check-in counter we asked if the flight was full and if it was possible to get a...

Are Sichuan Airlines Any Good?

I took Sichuan airlines flight from Chengdu to Hangzhou in China for the first time. The aircraft Airbus 321 looked quite old, but clean, a ...
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