An Air China (Star  Aliance Gold) First Class lounge is located near the Gate B12 in Hangzhou airport. It is rather small, but cozy with a kind of  a tiny Chinese garden next to it.

There is a note near the food corner stating hours when breakfast, lunch and dinner is being served. I’ve entered the lounge after lunch hours, but still found some warm food. There also was a selection of  Chinese snacks,  soft drinks and water. I did not notice alcohol, but have to confess that was not in a mood to look for it.

An atmosphere in the Air China Lounge

As the Air China lounge is quite tiny, it became much noisier when a lively group of Chinese business people got in. It is well known that Chinese usually speak loud 🙂 One Chinese lady took a vacant chair at my table without asking for a permission. It is quite normal in China – if  a seat is vacant, you just take it:)

The lady was friendly and with a command in English, she helped me with WiFi connection:  the page for a connection was only in Chinese. The connection to WiFi everywhere in China is similar. You need to submit your telephone number, then the code is sent to it. You enter the code and you are on line.

The staff of the Air China lounge spoke in English as well, so they explained to me that it takes 5 min to walk to my Gate 5 from the lounge ( it took more and I was one of the last to board the plane). They also walked around the the lounge and announced in Chinese the beginning of boarding for different flights. I was the only foreigner, so I was personally informed in English that my flight was boarding.

Overall I was satisfied with my experience in this Air China lounge in Hangzhou airport. If you have time before your flight, it is worth visiting.