Why Travel World Notes?

My travel world notes are meant to help fellow travelers to more accurately prepare for their trips, and to provide some additional information that might be needed during the trip. I read a lot before leaving for my trips, and I hope others do the same. It is always important to learn from good and bad experiences. It helps a lot when planning your next trip!

You can read about my experience (good and bad) in various countries, find my notes on hotels, airlines, places to eat, meals to order, scams to avoid and much more.
Being informed about scams will save you a lot of time and… money.
By the way, do you know why you should not accept an invitation for a cup of tea from a polite stranger who wants to practice his English with you in Beijing, Shanghai or other Chinese city? Because it is a tea scam! Why you should not believe a taxi driver in China or Thailand when he tells that you gave him a counterfeit note? This is just a fake money scam! When you know this, you are safer.You can find more in my book  “Practical Tips to Live or Travel in China”.

Who am I ? An experienced part-time traveler, a European freelancer, currently based in Beijing. China. I’ve visited 118 countries in the world and still have a long bucket list. Usually I travel on my own, occasionally with friends.

 Need Some Practical Advice?

You will get good advice here! For example, if you plan to come Hangzhou and your budget permits, the Intercontinental  is a must-stay hotel,  as it happens to be one of the most beautiful hotels not only in China, but in the world! Looking for a nice spa in Beijing and want to be sure it is clean and safe? Visit Dragonfly!
I want you to know about these places, because I  have had pleasant experiences there, and I highly recommend them.
Interested? Welcome to my blog! I hope that you find it useful and user friendly!

Yours – Ani Right