We all have applications we like and use. Some are used more often, while others have become an integral part of our lives. In this post, I want to share with you applications for China I use everyday.
It took me some time,and I tried quite a few applications  to discover what works best for me. Today I can give you  a hint – I know which apps  are the most important ones for your trip to China.

1. WeChat

“Do you have WeChat?” -is the most common question from day one in China. I had no clue what WeChat was. After my first week I understood that if I did not have WeChat, I simply did not exist:) … so downloaded WeChat right away.
WeChat is Chinese Facebook and much more. Chinese people use it to socialize, get information,and  to translate texts – you can write your message in English to your new Chinese friend and send it, who will use “translate” function and will read it in Chinese. It works well, I use it constantly.
WeChat wallet is used to pay with your mobile phone – it is connected to your bank card. Chinese people use almost nocash. They use WeChat, and it became my  most important tool as well.

Even in the museums, you scan the code and get information in your WeChat.


When I first came to China, I felt lost – no Facebook, no Hotmail,  no Gmail, no Google… It took me three days to find out what to do. Then I bought VPN … and I started to live again. It took me weeks to experiment, but finally I found my Express VPN and I use it all the time. It works well in China.

I know that people use VPN in other countries as well – when they want to stay anonymous.

3.  Beijing Air Quality App

All my mornings start with it. It is an app from the American embassy in Beijing. When you check it, you’ll know what you are supposed to do – to stay indoors, wear your face mask or just go . It is a must in China.

4. Maps.me

This application helps you to navigate in the city even if you have no WiFi. It is very handy in Beijing. Works well.

5. DiDi

And of course – Chinese Uber – DiDi! You can find my separate post about it here.

I would advise you to download these applications before leaving for China. You can download four of them free of charge. If you buy VPN Express through my page it is not going to cost you more, but I would be grateful for a small commission I will receive. Nevertheless I write about it because I know it IS good and helps me a lot.