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I do not know if you like a massage, but I am addicted to it. Therefore when I come to a new country or a city,  usually I am already prepared – I have a massage shop that I have chosen in advance. My choice is largely based on recommendations and comments by fellow travelers.
Needless to emphasize, when I visit Bangkok I have my favourite, I head to the Asia Herb association.  Why I like them?
I can trust their quality, as they have their own farm, where they cultivate their herbs. Their “herbal balls”  are made everyday and are fresh, moreover all therapists are well trained and certified. The Asia Herb Association has quite a few “shops”  in Bangkok, two in Cambodia. Needless to say, when I  will visit Cambodia, I will  try them as well.

I have been in those Bangkok spas more than 10 times already and I have retained just  fun memories. Only once I had a slight problem with a man, who fell asleep in a room next door during the  massage and snored so loudly that I could not relax and asked therapists to wake him up?

 An Environment.

Those spas are clean and calm, you can choose the oil for your massage, select you want strong, medium or soft massage.If you plan to come to Bangkok more often, it is a good idea to take a loyalty card. You do not need to carry it, they will recognize you by your email address and your birth date.

What about prices? To have an idea:

60 min foot massage is 500 THB  ( approx 16 USD)

90 min  body oil massage is 1400 THB (approx 45 USD)

You get a discount with a loyalty card.

One more tip – you can choose your treatment from any English menu on iPad, which is a big relief for a non-Thai speakers.
I am recommending them without any commissions as I simply like those therapists and want you to try as well. You can find more on www.asiaherbassociation.com  The shops are quite popular, so it is advisable to book an appointment in advance.

Finally, to make your life easier I have compiled a book about types of massage –  Ani Right “Let’s Have a Massage. Soul and Body Healing” www.amazon.com/dp/B0734FXF7J